Lottie Pattern

I’ve been working on something for a while and I’m really excited to get to share it with everyone!  Tomorrow my very first pattern will be available to purchase at Violette Field Threads!

Lottie is a vintage inspired skirt with attached straps.  There are three strap options and two skirt options for a total of 6 different looks from one pattern.  I know I love versatility, but who doesn’t love a pattern that you can really get some mileage out of?!

Lottie pairs beautifully with many other Violette Field Thread patterns.  It’s shown here paired with Vivienne, Gemma and Jane.  You can purchase the pattern Lottie.  It’s even on sale right now!  If you buy two patterns, you’ll receive a cute pocket set too.  Included in the sale are several tops/dresses that pair great with Lottie.  Find them all new arrivals and take your pick.  The sale only goes until Sunday the 27th, so dont’ take too long making up your mind.

lcover lread1star2lcutelblbacknwtwo
T hese three were sewn up by the ladies at Violette Field Threads.  How cute are these?!

deerpockets imda tulle

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