Little Red Riding Hood


Little Red: daisies and dressesMiss had a hard time making up her mind about her costume this year. She wanted everything from a zombie to a calico cat. In the end, I picked what I most wanted to sew. Lucky for me, Miss loves it! She decided, at the last minute that it wasn’t scary enough so she requested wolf scratches on her face because “Halloween costumes are ‘posedta be scary”.


Little Red : daisies and dresses

Little Red: daisies and dresses So, I got out the makeup and had a great time making some scratches. I absolutely LOVE doing makeup! Last year, Miss was a ghost and I had the pleasure of using make up to give her dark sunken eyes and bruises. So much fun!

Little Red: daisies and dresses

This year, I decided to make her costume in pieces that can easily be worn separately without looking costumey. There were four pieces that all layered together to give her a storybook look, but when worn individually, they’re great for everyday wear. Even if a red velvet cape isn’t particularly practical, I can still imagine it will get worn quite a bit.

Little Red: daisies and dresses

Because I’m a glutton for punishment and Halloween was still a ways off, I embroidered the bonnet and the neck of the cape with blue forget-me-nots. It was a simple enough project to do during my evening TV time.

Little Red: daisies and dresses

The cap and bonnet are made from red velvet. I love the way this fabric plays with light. It’s So luxurious looking and the drape is divine! The cap is the storybook woods bonnet that I graded up to fit my daughters enormous noggin. The cape is Amelie and Henri’s Fitted Cape only slightly modified. Because velvet doesn’t play nicely unless all the seams are enclosed, I fully attached the lining and sandwiched the lace in between.

Little Red: daisies and dresses

The blue dress is the Very Shannon Sally Dress. I’ve made 3 of these now and LOVE them, every one. They’re Miss’s favorite too. She’s asked me to make them in “all the colors”. I left off the pockets to save fabric and to give it a bit more of a timeless look.

Little Red: daisies and dresses

And, last, the under dress is self drafted and made from some lovely clip dot fabric in the prettiest grey. It’s so light and airy. We both love it and it’s been requested that I make one in pink so that she can have one to wear under all her dresses. She much prefers this to a more traditional petticoat. Of course, if volume is needed, she’ll have to stick with the traditional crisp cotton one instead, but for a lot of applications (and for too short dresses) this one will work nicely.

Little Red: daisies and dressesDuring the photo shoot, Miss had a great time running through the gambit of emotions that Little Red would have been feeling.  From anger, to surprise.  Up above is her surprised face.

Little Red: daisies and dresses


Even happiness.  She figured that Little Red would be relieved if she wasn’t eaten by the wolf.

Little Red: daisies and dresses


3 thoughts on “Little Red Riding Hood

  1. Ack! You are so good. I love your daughter’s sense of the macabre allowing herself to have wolf scratches like that! What a robust kid!
    The sewing is all superb and such brilliant images. THanks for posting, it’s just soooo good.


  2. I found this looking for pictures of the storybook woods bonnet actually on a child (few and far between, apparently!) and am curious if you would share how you graded the pattern up? I’m hoping to do the same thing to get it to fit a preschooler. Thanks!


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