Valentine’s Day Kate





I’ve had the main fabric on this dress for years.  I’d been holding onto it to make a Valentine’s Day dress but I never managed to get to it before Valentine’s Day.  So, I’d hold onto to until next year.  That happened several times but this year I finally made it!

I embroidered the bodice of the Violette Field Threads Kate dress using my embroidery machine.  I bought the file from emblibrary with this project in mind.  I used free motion embroidery to add hearts tot he right of the bike, which aren’t terribly noticeable, but they’re there!


I added some crochet lace over the straps to help everything blend together.  The straps are Kona cotton and the ruffles are Moda Ambelside.  The skirt is Dear Stella and I used some leftover scrap for the apron of the Liesl Gibbons pink toile I’ve had laying around from a previous project.



The apron is detachable.  I gathered a rectangle of fabric and sewed it into a band which buttons to the front of the dress.  Little Miss really likes the dresses with detachable aprons.  They’re always a hit with her.



I like that I can get two different looks with one dress.  Plus, it’s a great way to use up small bits of yardage you have laying around.



Even though she likes the removable aprons, she insists on always wearing the dress WITH the apron.  I’m not sure what’s up with that.


Here you can get a good look at the Dear Stella fabric.


The straps button to the back of the dress.  I actually used kam snaps.  They’re my new favorite sewing tool.  I may never go back to using buttons.  Unless the buttons are particularly amazing.



She’d like to show you the treasure of pinecones she collected during the photo shoot.


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