Haven Romper and Dress

Haven romper: daisies and dresses


I’ve seen dresses and rompers like this all over the place the last few years but I didn’t have the know how to figure out how it all went together and I’m SO GLAD that someone did all the work for me.  The Violette Field Threads Haven pattern is really very simple but it looks so gorgeous!

There are three different options included, a dress with a very full skirt, a short bubble romper with elastic at the bottom or the pantaloons which have a gathered elastic bottom and ribbon ties.  You also have your pick of two tops, one with a lace or color block or you can choose a solid top.  The back is achieved through the clever use of two closely placed straps and the neck ties thread through the straps and tie behind the neck.  Also included are directions on how to put snaps in the bottom for easy bathroom trips and diaper changes.  Those are a LOT of options for one pattern.

Haven romper: daisies and dresses

The front is so sweet with the little bit of lace.  I really liked how the bias tape is nice and thin.  So many patterns have bulky bias binding, but this looks nice and professional.

Haven romper: daisies and dresses

The back has two thick straps with lace in edges.  The lace is completely bound inside the straps.  You fold the top of the straps over and sew to create a casing to thread the neck ties through. There is elastic in the back waist to keep everything exactly where it needs to be and for ease of dressing.

Haven romper: daisies and dressesNo escapees on the side either.  As I said, everything in it’s place.  Even during play, there was no gaping.

Haven romper: daisies and dressesJust the smallest gap there but this is a pretty unnatural pose unlikely to be duplicated during regular play and romping about, but even if it was, it wouldn’t bother me on a little girl.

Haven romper: daisies and dresses


Gosh, how I love these pants!  They’re so adorable I can’t get over it.  My daughter isn’t much of a romper fan but she wore this for two days straight after I made it.


Now, for my dress version

Haven Dress: daisies and dresses Haven Dress: daisies and dresses


I chose the solid bodice option for the dress and used a chiffon overlay on bot the bodice and the skirt.  This one fit a bit bigger because my chiffon grew while I was sewing it.  I also used some chiffon ruffle trim with silver and pearl beading for my straps.

Haven Dress: daisies and dresses Haven Dress: daisies and dressesI was pulling an all nighter with this dress and forgot to include my chiffon when I sewed the skirt together so I used a rolled hem and sewed it on paper bag style.  It was a happy accident.

I LOVE this pattern with all my heart and see many more in my future.  The pattern goes from sizes 6-12 month up to 8 years and will be releasing at midnight tonight.  I can’t wait to sew up the shorts version too!  I think I’ll also be making many of the pantaloons without the bodice just for fun.


3 thoughts on “Haven Romper and Dress

  1. Wow your images are so superb and what a stunner your daughter is. Those sunglasses kill me!
    With our cancer inducing sunlight I always think “I’d need to layer a t-shirt” under anything like this, but gee it is pretty. the knickerbockers are incredibly cute!


    • We don’t get a whole lot of sunlight around here and I’m so sensitive to it that I don’t go out until evening. We don’t go out without a whole lot of sunscreen, though.


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