Vintage May Inspiration

I’ve always loved the Vintage May series.  A lot of my sewing is vintage inspired, so the series speaks to me.  I enjoy seeing what everyone comes up with each time the series comes around.  This year, I decided to take the inspiration and sew a little something of my own.

I made a voile top with a sweet vintage-like floral print and a pair of high waisted, German inspired, shorts with suspenders circa the late 40’s.  Depending on how it’s worn, the two pieces give a very different look.

Queen Holden Paper Doll
Here is the vintage pattern I sewed up this fall for the Project Run and Play sew along.  It came straight from a vintage 40’s pattern.  I loved the suspenders on both pieces but since I’d already done a look like this, I decided to do it a little different this time.  
I was also influenced by the high waisted shorts of the 50’s and the flowing tops of the 70’s.  So, my look isn’t straight up vintage, but definitely inspired and merging several aspects.

 Greatly inspired by my 40’s pattern and it’s versatility – extra thick hems, removable straps, several pieces- and it’s ability to grow with a child, I knew I wanted separates that could be worn many ways.

The top is made from voile and is light and airy.  It has buttons halfway down the back which leaves the back partly open.  It can be worn tucked in or loose (Miss wore it buttoned in the front today which is actually pretty cute).

The shorts are faux suede with a high waist and a sweetheart waist band.  They can be worn with the suspenders or they can be worn with the waist folded down and the top untucked.

This outfit will be fun for warm summer days and I think the shorts will also be great over tights this winter.  Versatility!
In the meantime, she will enjoy lazing in the sun and welcoming the summer breeze.
  • Patterns: Brownie Goose Lazy Susan and Brownie Goose Sailor Shorts both modified
  • Fabric: voile from and faux leather from Joanne’s

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